Our Girls

All our girls are registered active with the GCCF (governing council of the cat fancy). All our girls bring very different qualities to our breeding programme.

Kymian Kaffir (Phoebe)

Phoebe is Lilac (BURC). She was my first full Burmese Queen and is a wonderful matriarch who has welcomed so many new cats and kittens into our home.  She is very affectionate and loves to sleep with me under the covers. If Phoebe was a human she would definitely be the boss but with a work life balance that allowed her to be a fantastic mother. She not only cares wonderfully for her own babies but often co parents and helps other girls raise their kittens.

Serine Zantie (Serena)

Serena is Lilac (BURC). She is particularly special because she is Phoebe’s daughter from the first litter we ever bred. She is the kindest, silliest cat you could hope to meet with a loud and distinctive purr! Very adventurous but comically clumsy, if Serena was a human she would be a kind hearted charity worker making everyone around her smile. Serena’s mothering style is very laid back, often leaving them to their Grandmother Phoebe. She can be indecisive about where she wants to raise her kittens, often moving them from place to place. If I leave my sock drawer open she will empty the whole contents and make a beautiful cosy kitten nest!! She will also collect soft toys from my daughter’s rooms and add them to the nest which can be a bit of a surprise.

Trishenlisas Kea Malika Soothu (Roxy)

Roxy is Brown (BURN). She is a really friendly, tiny, perfectly formed cat with big green eyes. Roxy joined us from another breeder as an adult. She had never seen a dog and came into a house with an established family of adult cats. Within the week she was strutting around the house mingling with everyone. She is a wonderful, very attentive mum who has truly beautiful kittens. If Roxy was a human she would definitely be the quiet but kind one in the group, so gorgeous and mysterious you can’t help falling in love.

Nomorez Blue Opal (Indy)

Indy is Blue (BURA). I travelled all the way to Yorkshire for this gorgeous girl . She is a super friendly active cat that loves to travel on your shoulders, she feels like a living accessory. We have large cat wheels and Indigo loves to run multiple times a day.  If Indy was a human she would be a beautiful fit mum that’s able to slip into her jeans and go running straight after giving birth. Indy is a very playful mum, kind and nurturing when they are very small then when they are bigger she plays as if she is still a kitten herself. She can find her inner child for sure.

Karriewhitchit Dolly Mixture (Opal)

Opel is a Blue Tortie (BURG). She was bred locally and is not just a pretty face, she also has such an easy going personality. She loves all cats and kittens and it has been a joy to watch her play and grow up here with the group.  She is true lap cat who is always gentle.  The only thing Opel cannot resist is doors! She has to go through them no matter what. This could be a cupboard door, or even the fridge, she just can’t help herself!! If Opel was a human she would be a really kind helpful nursery worker, she just loves being with kittens. 

Maliika Aurora’s Bounty (Aurora)

Aurora is chocolate (BURB) and as her colour suggests she is the sweetest little thing. When it comes to a cuddle she is very demanding. She knows her job and never tires of sitting in your arms being tickled and caressed.  Aurora loves to sit on your shoulders and watch everything you do and just loves to ‘help’ and with such a pretty face how can you not let her? She is very active and loves to play and run on the cat wheel. If Aurora was a humanshe would be very enthusiastic about everything she does and always pop by to help- even when it’s not exactly wanted.

Achievements: In January 2022, at her very first show, Aurora won every class that she entered taking home an enviable haul of beautiful rosettes.