Nemorez Midas Touch (Midas)

Midas is Blue (BURA)

Midas is Indigo’s half brother. He has the most amazing personality. He loves humans and would prefer to have a cuddle than his breakfast. Midas is really outgoing and nothing scares him. He loves to travel in the car and just sleeps on my lap. A true kitty soft paws he can jump from the ground onto my shoulder and I don’t feel a thing! Midas loves everyone (except Ted) He comes into the house with his best buddy Solo and washes all the kittens. He plays and chases around with them like he is a kitten too.  If Midas was a human I would marry him. He is wonderful in every way!!

Achievements: At his first show in January 2022 he won Best Of Breed and First Place in the Debutant Male Category.