A Cat’s Life….

At Calista Cats we believe that every cat should live an active and fulfilled life and that includes our stud boys.  They can’t live in the house with us and the girls but that doesn’t mean they should have a life behind bars.  Our large garden is cat-proofed giving them a fun natural area to run and play.  Their enclosures are large and enriched with toys and things to climb and play on while they wait for their turn in the garden. 

Teddy didn’t take to the running wheel; we have found that it needs to be introduced to the cats when they are younger.  So he doesn’t have a wheel but loves to strut his stuff in the garden and laze in the sun. Being the biggest and oldest Male and used to his own space he tends to have alone time in the garden.  

Midas lives with his best pal Solo and they run together on the exercise wheel and chase each other in the garden. 

The girls play with the boys in the garden unless they are in season. A great deal of stalking, chasing, and leaping goes on; it is so much fun to watch. Trying to do gardening or lay out in the sun yourself is always done with a least one cat on or around you.

Midas and Solo come into the house under supervision as they can mark their territory if left to their own devices.  They sometimes wear a special pair of cat pants to prevent this.

The Girls

The girls are all part of the family and live in the house with us. We have a dedicated cat area downstairs, made up of four smaller areas which allows for separation when necessary, to give girls their own space and security when they need it. The main room has beds a plenty for snuggling down. There are also climbing trees, an array of interactive toys and of course litter boxes. The utility play room has a running wheel and more beds and places to snooze. 

Our home is open plan downstairs so or girls and their kittens are free to join us for hugs and cuddles during the day, and particularly in the evening when it can be chilly; a lap full of cats helps keep out the cold.